Aggregated Tariffs

The Aggregated Tariffs option is now available for parent systems.


When enabled all the credits and debits from child systems are added to the parent.


  • Child A Balance image

  • Child B Balance image

  • Parent Balance image

This feature may be useful for setups where children have different TOU rates e.g. Hot Water controlled load etc. The resulting parent balance will more closely resemble that of the utility bill.

does this work for controlled load in extended data?

I had the same thought but parent-child sets ups have the following restriction:

Only live data is aggregated, existing daily data is not aggregated

Which presumably means I can’t set up a child system to populate with daily controlled load energy consumption and then have that data aggregated on the parent system.

I really would like to be able to add controlled load usage to my PVO system, along with the applicable CL tariff.

The parent would have the sum of of credit/debit of all children, if any of the children have extended data cr/dr then this would be added to its parent.

A child with its own controlled load energy tariff cr/dr would be added to its parent. Previously a parent would always calculate the balance using its own tariff information.

However, the aggregation only applies to new 5-minute data uploaded after a parent/child relationship has been setup.

Yes, which is why I suggested this option wouldn’t work for me because I can only upload daily controlled load data, and not a stream of data.