Afore Energy automatic upload

Is it possible to make an auto uploader for the Afore Energy inverter? Or any other way to get the data.
The information about there api is here:

Where yyyyy = id and xxxxx = token


“data” {
“lastUpdateTime”:“2018/11/14 12:45:33”,


Possible, but would require more user demand

To complete my question :slight_smile: … how should I do that? I tried to figure out with the help but no luck

Support for this API to be added to the list of PVOutput Auto Uploader won’t be implemented unless more users ask for it.

A 10 line script to poll the Afore api and upload to PVO Add Status Service ( running on something like a raspberry Pi should do it nicely.

Or, you could pull off the WiFi adapter and read directly from the Modbus interface.

In fact, it’s so trivial you could do it with a single simple google cloud function, running on a free google cloud platform account, triggered every five minutes with a free cron job.

If you send me your ID & token, a preferred username for cronjob & GC, & an API key for PVO, then I’ll even set it up for you.