Advice re power monitor, please

My Smappee has died an inglorious death.
Reccomendations please for a nice simple consumption/production monitor.
I am having withdrawal symptoms not being able to see what is happening after about 7 years of monitoring.
I tried to look at the new Smappee, but they won’t give any price indication without an email address. I figure that means they are way expensive.
I don’t want to spend more than absolutely necessary. I had an Efergy before the Smappee, and was silly enough to sell it off last year.
Ideally, I’d like a nice simple solution that works easily straight out of the box. (Yep, I know!)
I’m in a retirement community, and they will rip out anything ‘non-standard’ when I peg out, so I don’t want to spend toooo much,
Thanks in advance.

If you can find an Flukso on the market it will work well and is easy to install.

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I looked at the Flukso, but it’s one sensor per unit. Prob could get two and tell PVO that one is generation? I’ll look into it…
They are about $30Au, but freight from Europe may be a killer.

Not interested in another Efergy?

If I found a second hand one cheap, likely. I had a 3 phase setup for the solar. I found the accuracy appalling, but now I would live with it. Now I have a single phase supply.
I mainly want to decide when to turn the hot water element on in the cooler weather. I’ve got one of those Rheem sorta solar things (511 seies lo-line) with a booster element. The panels overachieve in the summer, and fall way short in winter.