AddStatus Service - More Extended Fields?


I’m thinking of getting a Powerwall 2 and I’ve also got some outstanding data items (weather) which I’d like to plot on pvoutput. This set of extra fields means I’ll not have enough extended data fields in the add status service for all the data I’d like to pvoutput.

Is it possible that in the future there’ll be a dedicated service/set of fields for the powerwall data rather than using the extended fields (as seen in the Java code on bitbucket)? And could more extended fields be added to the addstatus service?


There are no plans to add additional extended data fields beyond v12.

Its a relatively big change and won’t be investigated unless more people want this.

Ok, thank you for letting me know bankstownbloke - looks like I’ll just have to put the basics on pvoutput and run elastic stack at home for the rest.

I too would like something similar; my power prices are variable each 5 minutes, so i’d like to graph them or somehow provide them to the rates page using a json URL.

I get an output like this every 5 mins
{“interval”:“27-MAY-2018 13:30”,“interval_datetime”:“2018-05-27T13:30:00”,“five_min_period”:1,“isDayLightSavingHR”:0,“pnode”:“KMO0331”,“load”:10.499,“generation”:0,“price”:50.92}

Then the pricing is averaged out for the 30 minute period; would be good to somehow get the price into pvoutput

just run it as another system.

i have my extended data full so just doubled up my system or create a fake one and use the extended data on the second system for whatever you want extra