Addstatus service - Add cumulative flag for extended data


I would like to see a cumulative flag for some (or all) extended data. Something like c1=1 for v1/v3? For example: c7=1 means v7 contains cumulative values.

Problem wth the 'uncumulate' behaviour for v7 only
Cumulative flag for extended data and calculated power extended field

I am using v7 for natural gas consumption, and upload the smart gas meter counter every five minutes. Would love to be able to use “c7=1” for this. So, thanks for creating this idea. I do support this.


This could also be very useful for Tesla Powerwall battery owners, as the energy counters are all lifetime cumulative values.
How would you imagine the system would use the cumulative flag? I can see it being used to flag to the system to adjust charts to start at a baseline ‘relative 0’ at midnight, so that daily charts can all start at 0.


Adding to the implementation queue


This feature is now available.

The cumulative flag is set on the Extended Parameter system configuration.

For the Calculated as option, select the Uncumulate. The first value of the day is recorded as the ‘base’ value and reset to 0. Subsequent values will be recorded as (value - base) till the end of the day.

Note switching this on in the middle of the day will see the data value drop significantly.



Thanks BB - seems to be working a treat with the Tesla PW2 energy_imported and energy_exported counters, which are all ‘lifetime’ perpetually increasing registers.