Additional Solax Triple Power 45Ah Battery

Hi All.
I am thinking of adding a second SolaX Gen2 Triple Power HV 4.5kWh to my installation.
Just wondering if anybody has added a battery.
I am pondering on two questions.

  1. My existing battery Gen2 battery is 11 months old, is it Ok to add a new battery.
  2. When I add the second battery does it need to be at the same state of charge.
    I would love to ask Solax but as an end user and not installer they seem reluctant to help.
    Any feed back would be very welcome. Thank you Ben

At only 11 months old, it should be fine to add a 2nd battery provided the state of health of your 1st battery hasn’t dropped too much which it probably hasn’t.
The state of charge of each battery should be roughly the same when pairing them, the BMS should even them out.

Hi Scobo. Thank you for the info it was reassuring to read your note, I now have the new 2nd Solax Triple 4.5Kwh battery installed, all seems ok. I would like to graph the state of charge, If I understand correctly if I donate I can then send SOC data and graph it on the PVOutput site. Thanks again. Ben

Donations allow access to record additional data streams in ‘Extended Data’.

May require additional work on your part depending the Solarx logging setup.