Additional data to graph


I’m already using all the v7-v12 units via api to insert my tesla power wall data.
I’m wondering if it were possible to add one more value, i wish to send the current price of power to graph.

For instance, in new zealand you can buy power based on spot price, this varies every 5 minutes and i’d like to submit the power price every 5 minutes and graph it to my usage.

I’m currently using these and wondered if there was perhaps one more i could use
pvoutz.add_status(pvDate, pvTime, power_exp=pvPower, power_imp=pvConsumption, temp=pvTemp, vdc=pvVoltage, battery_flow=pvBatteryFlow, load_power=pvLoadPower, soc=pvSOC, site_power=pvSitePower, load_voltage=pvLoadVoltage, ext_power_exp=pvPower)

Look forward to any help if it were possible.

There are no short term plans to add more extended parameters. It would need to be uploaded to another system with a free parameter spot.