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Hi ya’ll
Please forgive my ignorance, it would seem to be a simple task, but I am having great difficulty in adding a photo to settings.
I searched the subject before deciding to post the question but found no conversations on the subject, so I assume everyone knows how to do it but me…however having scrolled through the PVladder there are not many photos linked, so perhaps I’m not alone in this.
At any rate I am asking for help and appreciate any constructive guidance.

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It has to be accessible via a URL. Only reason I haven’t uploaded.

That’s what I’m having difficulty with is attaching a photo through my website and having it end in jpg as the instructions dictate. I’ve tried different apps, different formats, I can’t seem to come up with a method that works. I admit I am using an iPad to attempt it, and to add insult to injury I’m not the most talented with understanding computer programming…so I just try to wing it most of the time…kind of a long explanation to say I don’t know what I’m doing with programming…:wink:

I believe the photo has to be uploaded to a photo hosting site. You then link from that site. The help section identifies two options.

I had the same problem. Some sites don’t provide URL with .jpg extensions and cannot be used. I used photobucket first and that worked but was cut off after a few months because they wanted a paid subscription. I then found which allows unlimited time and will provide the proper url reference that works with PVoutupt. Just go to the site ( and sign up for a free account and upload pic’s.
After you get you account follow the instructions and upload you photos. Select “My Galleries” then select the gallery you want to share. (It may have one or more pictures in it.) click on share and look at the results in the boxes labled BB-code and html-code. There may be several lines, one or two for each picture int he gallery. If there is more than one picture each picture will have a line of code. Each begins and end with [URL=…[URL]. The example here shows the first picture URL and the beginning of the second picture URL.

select only the part that begins “http://…and ends in .jpg or .png”. copy that part and paste in into the “Photo” section of your system profile page. You can get to that page by clicking on your system size link just above the system inputs table. Add a description and save. To add more photos click on the “add another photo” button


Thank you…That worked perfectly you can see my photo Lowry’s Landing ID56664 it’s a 16.82 kWh SolarEdge system.:grinning:

For anyone else who had the same issue Iwsmiser had the solution it was fast and easy, even for me.

So much I don’t know about PVoutput but the more I use this site the more I like it.

Requires allot of reading and experimenting on my part but I’m starting to get how to use it and it’s really helpful in understanding my solar system. I’m really new to solar usage though I’ve read about it for years.

I just discovered whirlpool link in PVoutput really neat tool for learning anyway there were allot of options of picture upload links in the whirlpool link…for anyone who cares to use it here is that link.


Yeah, I tried photobucket but then was told I needed a plan (i.e. pay money for one photo). So now have moved to imgbox.

BB will you ever support GOOGLE Drive and/or FB fromat links to pictures? One can push pictures to those 2 areas and also they dont provide URLs with ending .PNG, .BMP, etc. when you copy/share their pictures out. And actually it would be nice if PVOUTPUT allowed us contributors to upload say 5 or less pictures instead directly.