Adding FIT / Rates


Hi All,

Only just had solar installed this week. We have been moved onto your new solar plan.

I have all the rates plus the FIT however unsure how I enter that data onto my pv page.

I see debit and credit however I get a little lost what all that means

Hope someone can help,



The following documentation explains how tariffs are managed -



I had a read but it got a little overwhelming. I just want to add my fit , peak off peak shoulder.

I’ll have another read see if it makes sense



FIT goes in Credit Rates - Peak
Consumption Peak, Off Peak, Shoulder in Debit Rates fields respectively.


‘Debit’ means stuff that costs you money, that you pay to someone else, or that comes out of your bank account.
‘Credit’ means stuff that people pay you, or that goes into your bank account.
Put your FIT into each of the ‘Cedit’ boxes
Put your peak/shoulder/offpeak rates into the ‘Debit’ boxes.