Adding consumption


I have what I guess is a regular smart meter supplied by the utility company.
I have a Fronius inverter and have set up push data to view.
What do I need to do to get consumption data pushed to the pvoutput graph?
Thanks in advance


well James, first were are you in the world ?, is it a smart meter? or just a electronic meter? ,you can find out by posting the meter type here or looking it up your self on the Internet, and if its a smart meter would your utility give you access to the data,smart meters here in Australia are not common and the utilities do not usually give customers access to the data, hope this helps Jim,
the first step seems to go here and registrar to access your meter data==== and see what kind of format the data is in then we can work out how to tie it in with PVOUTput site


Hi Jim, I am in Melbourne. Yes its a smart meter. CitiPower.


Most people add another detector device with a CT clamp around your household consumption cable that feeds your individual circuit-breakers. It uploads to PVO to provide the consumption data.

See for a thread on consumption monitoring.Is your house running on a single-phase or a three-phase setup? If three-phase, you may need a device that monitors each phase and adds them together.

FWIW, I used one of these for three-phase consumption monitoring: Transmitter clamps around the wires near the meter in the meter-box, receiver inside connected to the Internet and uploading to the Efergy site, PVO automagically collects the data from the Efergy site. However there are many other solutions and ways to skin the cat.


Great help, thanks.