Adding baseline credit to tariff plans

Hello -

I’m using PGE E-TOU-C which has a baseline credit based on usage. Under a certain kWh consumed, I get a credit for each kWh. Then, once I’m over the baseline I pay the full rate per kWh. This baseline changes based on Summer vs Winter and the baseline resets each billing cycle.

I didn’t see a way to add this on the Tarrifs page, and I also checked some other public TOU-C Plans, but I didn’t see a place where anyone had entered it. Is there a way to add this baseline in Tariffs that I’ve missed?

If not, can this feature request be added to the Ideas section?


It is not a supported feature. Changes to the tariff based on data other than the current day would be a detriment on performance if done each update every 5-minutes. This would need to be performed by a daily or on-demand calculation process.

Changed to an idea.