Adding a Weather Station data stream


I have recently installed an Ambientweather WS-2000 on my roof. It is connected to a monitor pad by WIFI and uploads data to the website. It is capable of reporting outside temperature and relative humidity along with atmospheric pressure, solar irradiance and UV index. In addition it will accept up to six additional temp and humidity devices such as soil moisture and temp or multiple room temp/humidity devices. I am currently uploading the outside temperature and solar irradiance to PVOutput. He is today’s output:

The two missing plots for power by phase have not yet been implemented in my uploads. The purple plot is my Energy consumption in Wh/5 min interval. The green plot is the output of my inverter. Sixteen of my twenty-one panels face WbSW and may account for the better power performance after noon. I have five panels facing NbNE which put them in shadow after 3:20 which account for the droop in the Power curve at that time. The dip in the solar plot about 8:40AM to 9:45AM is due to the shadow of palm tree South of the weather station.


Thanks for sharing, did you have to write a script to upload the Extended Data?


I am uploading the incremental energy values from a RPI 3.0 and the Weather station data (Temp and Irradiance) from Weather Underground. The Power Generation is v2 set in Extended variables section. As you may know WU is killing its website on December 31st this year and I will have to incorporate the weather station data to my own script running on my RPI…unless you are willing to incorporate the weather station calls into PVOutput’s Extended variables automatic uploads.