Adding a Sum Row to the "Daily" output table



I’m wondering if anyone has a method or whether it has previously been suggested to add a “sum” row to the daily outputs table which sums each column?

I’d find it useful, especially if I was able to limit the days shown to a specific period.



The sum of each column or row?

The aggregate views sums rows into weeks, months and years.


I was suggesting a sum of each column.

For example, if I were able to query the daily page for the dates of a bill cycle (from ddmmyy to ddmmyy), the resultant “balance” column sum would approximate the total of a bill.


This is a sum of the rows. A column sum suggests adding the values from left to right.

As for the billing period, this can be achieved with -

  • Click Yearly
  • Click Customise
  • Enter date range of billing period
  • Data is summed for the entered period


I guess it’s a difference in our semantics!

As for your suggestion, that’s exactly what I wanted!
I was looking in the wrong place I guess.
Thanks for your help.


The only disadvantage of this method is for billing periods across two years, you’ll would need to add the two rows (of years) together.