Adding a second Inverter & more panels

Hi. I just want to confirm I have this correct.

My existing system is a 3 phase SMA 10kW Inverter & 13kW of panels. I have been uploading to PVOutput for the last 10 years or so ( The $un God) except for the last few months as I knocked down my house and rebuilt. My system goes back up next week. I am using Iotawatt to push my data to PVOutput.

I am about to add another 6kW of panels and a Fronius Primo Single Phase inverter at the same time. I have gone for a single phase inverter in case I end up adding a PW2 in the future.

I have created a second system called The $un God 2 and nominated the existing system as the parent in Data Aggregation. My understanding is that when both systems are active. I will just see one set of data under the parent system which is the aggregated total of both systems outputs.

However, I still see my original system is shown as 13kW instead of 19kW in total (Parent & Child). Doesn’t this skew the public figures as my output will be from an aggregated system of 15kW of inverter/19kW of total panels instead of 13kW panels/10kW Inverter? Have I set this up correctly?

I just want to be able to see my aggregated system as one system on PVOutput.

For an aggregation setup you’ll need 3 systems.

Two children (6kW + 13kW) and the parent (19kW) they are sending data to.

Thanks BB

I’m still a little confused. So if I understand correctly

Parent = (The $un God) aggregate of both child systems
Child1 = The $un God 1 13kw (39 x 335w LG Neon Panels 10kW SMA Tripower Inverter)
Child2=The $un God 2 (6kW (15 x 400W Trina panels and 5kW Fronius Promo Inverter)

When setting up the parent, do I fill in the panel and inverter details etc? I see I can enter multiple inverters, but it looks like I can only nominate the brand/model for 1 inverter, not different models/capacities. Similarly, with the panel details, It looks like I can only enter details for one brand of panels, but can change the panel capacity only on the second array

Alternatively, can I just modify my details on the existing system to show two inverters, the extra panels and just display one array as 39 x 335w panels and the second as 15 x 400w panels, I know it won’t be entirely accurate in terms of my system details, but that shouldn’t change the generation figures being sent to PVOutput once my system is back online.

The parent should and have a total size of 19kW or the sum of children assigned to it.

The inverter / panel brand is just for display purposes, you can enter “SMA + Fronius” for example.

The important detail is the system size, which will affect the “kWh/kW” calculation of the parent.

It is advised to create the parent as a new system rather than increasing the size of an existing system as this would affect historic data of the 13kW system.

Thanks for the quick reply. BB

Does the parent system then become my default system?

In terms of historical data, ladder rankings etc, how does this work? I’ve slipped down a bit in the 10 months I’ve been offline but am still around 580 for my existing system. Once I am back online, how will that display/be calculated for the parent and child systems?

Also, if I end up adding a battery, do I need to modify my system settings? It would be a PW2 connected to the 6kW system.

Adding new systems will not change any defaults unless they are made in the accounts settings.

New systems such as the parent and new child will have no data and start from the beginning, the existing 13kW will remain in its position unless data is deleted.

You may optionally setup Extended parameters to monitor additional battery information. See the Powerwall threads in this forum.

Well, it took me a bit longer than I expected to get the house built, but I’m now back online. I’m having a couple of problems setting up the child/parent aggregation.
Yesterday, I set up my system as follows:

The $un God (ID 668) (existing) as default I changed the capacity to 19.065kW
The $un God 2 (ID 58033) (6kW) as child pointing to The $un God as parent. Fronius Push has been correctly configured and is uploading.
The $un God 3 (ID 89712) (13.065kW) as child pointing to The $un God as parent. This is a s SMA inverter so I am using PVBean Counter to upload. However, I have not yet properly configured this yet. That should be done tomorrow. This is only temporary as I intend to use Iotawatt to upload my data when I get that set up.
My first problem is the $un God kept changing its capacity to either 13.065kW or 15.750kW from 19.065kW. I had changed the panel configuration to 39 x 360W panels to total 19.065 kW but no matter how many times I save it, it keeps reverting to 32 x 335w panels.

My next issue is that the $un God 3 is now showing as the default system when I go into settings and the $un God is showing as active even though both $un God 2 & 3 show they are correctly pointing to The $un God as the parent when I go into their individual settings. When I go into the $un God settings, the data aggregation is showing as none and the only options in the drop down box are $un God 2 and 3 systems.

Now I’m confused. What have I done wrong and how do I fix it? is showing as 19.065kW. The total size is the sum of both primary and secondary arrays.

The ‘default’ system doesn’t affect the parent/child relationships. It is just the system to be shown when clicking on ‘Your Outputs’.

To change the default system -

This is fine, child systems point to the parent system and the parent system should not have any parent itself.