Add Youless as Auto Upload?


I have added Openweathermap as an AutoUpload. Is it possible to add the Youless device as a secondary AutoUpload?
With a Youless it’s possible to combine generation data and consumption data with one device.
Offers complete independence from the inverter.


It should be possible to configure youless to upload directly to PVOutput instead.

See the guide below from -

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I’m sorry my question was not clear enough. I already use a Youless for autoupload (system Schapenhuis).
I intend to add a second Youless tot this system as I will be adding another set of (used) panels to this house, which will then have panels with three separate orientations (S, W and E).
For my Vogelvink system I also want to install a Youless to feed consumption data to PVO.

On the systems page there is a dropdown list with possible upload devices, starting from ‘none’ to ’ Zevercloud’.
Is it possible to add Youless to this dropdown list?


This would require a public Youless API to access your system data then re-upload to PVOutput.

Youless does not seem to have such an API available.