Add Status Service do update Conditions

Shortly after midnight I do use addstatus.jsp to set values for 24:00 and 00:00 as below.
2023-08-30 00:00:46.589229 posting data to pvoutput {‘d’: ‘20230829’, ‘t’: ‘24:00’, ‘v1’: 36970140, ‘v3’: 85261245, ‘c1’: 1}
2023-08-30 00:00:49.237967 posting data to pvoutput {‘d’: ‘20230830’, ‘t’: ‘0:00’, ‘v1’: 36970140, ‘v3’: 85261245, ‘c1’: 1}
Before those updates Condition is Mostly Cloudy and once run Condition is Fine.
What can I do to avoid this?

When using ‘Add Status’, the condition is calculated based on the time, generation and system size provided.

The condition can be explicitly set by using ‘Add Output’ with ‘cd’ parameter.

Then I might do something wrong?

My system Gokottevagen1 Gokottevagen1 9.150kW

Updates 2023-08-30
00:00:46 d:20230829, t:24:00, v1:36970140, v3:85261245
00:00:49 d:20230830, t:0:00, v1:36970140, v3:85261245

Then using
00:05:00 d:20230830, t:0:05, v1:36970140 …
Every fifth minute until 23:55
23:55:07 d:20230830, t:23:55, v1:36993856 …
Daily generation 23716 Wh

At midnight 2023-08-31 00:00
Condition: Partly Cloudy from
Update 24:00 and 0:00 using
2023-08-31 00:00:46 d:20230830, t:24:00, v1:36993856, v3:85279573
2023-08-31 00:00:49 d:20230831, t:0:00, v1:36993856, v3:85279573
2023-08-31 00:01:52 Condition: Fine from

Now I did notice that I’m using http for the 5 minute updates and https at midnight.
Could this be the culprit?

Using http/https does not make any difference, although the https should always be used.

Conditions are calculated dependent on the time and generation the 24:00 08/30 update is considered a different and separate record to the 0:00 08/31 update.


Last day with the “issue” 2023-09-06
Workaround as below in place.

At 00:00
Get Output Service to save condition
Add Status Service as on Cumulative flag and daily energy totals - #8 by bankstownbloke
{‘d’: ‘20230906’, ‘t’: ‘24:00’, ‘v1’: 37210400, ‘v3’: 85411108, ‘c1’: 1}
{‘d’: ‘20230907’, ‘t’: ‘0:00’, ‘v1’: 37210400, ‘v3’: 85411108, ‘c1’: 1}
Condition is changed

At 01:02
Add Output Service
Update Exported, Consumption, Import Peak, Condition and Comments
Condition from saved condition

The workaround is “used” every day when condition isn’t Fine.
2023-10-22 for 2023-10-21
Generated 2.836kWh
Add Status Service …
Condition: Showers => Mostly Cloudy