Add Status API Values - Energy Consumed question


I’ve recently set up my HomeAssistant installation to log my home solar sensors to PVOutput but I’m a little confused on the best use of each parameter. I’m uploading live data every 15 minutes at moment I use the following Parameters when uplaoding a Status via the API -

  • v1 - Solar Energy Generation per day
  • v3 - Amount of the Solar Energy that was used per day

Should I have v3 as the total energy I have used per day or the total I have imported per day instead? The API Docs aren’t terribly clear as it just says “Energy Consumed” for V3 so I’ve taken it right now as the portion of my solar energy that I have consumed (by minusing my own tally of export from the value I put in)

If I have it set as import only would this not mean that the system thinks I am exporting massively more as it doesn’t know how much of my Solar I have used and if I have it as my total energy per day then will it mess up on the first read in and think I never export?

v1 is gross generation (no export)
v3 is gross consumption (no import)

So V3 “consumption” is the amount of my gross generation that I have used?

v3 is the gross household consumption.
v1 is the gross solar generation.

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Is it possible to share youre configuration?