Add option to API to indicate that CC may be in absorb/float

Sometimes when our system is getting lots of sun (and usually only when our generator is doing a full charge), our charge controllers will go into “absorb” mode. Afterwards, our charge controllers will be in float.

With absorb and float modes, our charge controllers limit how much they’re charging the batteries. When this data goes into PVOutput, it’s used to determine the weather conditions for that day. It would be nice to be able to mark certain inputs that go to PVOutput that the power generation may not be completely accurate to how much sun we’re getting because our charge controllers are limiting how much they put into the batteries.

This would be something for each auto uploader to implement, but I know that my SolarThing uploader project would implement it immediately if it became available.

I also think that there are many other systems that probably have this problem. Most systems that aren’t supplemented by a generator are sized big enough that allow for a full charge pretty early in the day meaning that half of the inputs on PVOutput for a sunny day could be inaccurate.

One of the Extended Parameters v7-v12 may be used for this purpose.

  • 1 = Absorb
  • 2 = Float

I understand that the extended parameters could be used for this, but I think this is something that should become more standardized.

It would be nice to know when looking at data from my system or someone else’s system that for a certain time period, their charge controllers aren’t giving 100%. I don’t actually care if my CC in in absorb or float, I just want to know if it’s not giving 100%.

Although I understand I could do the condition calculation myself, adding this could also work towards a more accurate automatic condition calculation which is used for systems which only use the addstatus to upload data.