Accumulators are always stopped after inputting Live Loader data

I observe that after inputting Live Loader data, the Accumulators on the Live Data (i.e. Energy/Efficiency/Average/Normalised/Energy Used) are always stopped accumulating, started at the time we input the Live Loader data.

A sample of the csv data would be helpful

Attached file is just a simple 1 (one) input entry for the Live Loader; consists of: Time, ,Power, ,Temperature, Voltage, Power Used.

After updating/uploading this kind of data, then the Accumulators on the Live Data are always stopped, they do not accumulating for the next minutes…

(Note: I want to upload CSV file, but there is no option to upload such file, only for image files)

The csv file will look like this if opened on Excel:


Please provide the full CSV data posted on for the 27/07 as per your screenshot at 9:40AM

You can post the entire CSV to and provide a link here.

However, it looks fine now.


It looks “fine” now, because I always correct it manually…(almost every day)…!!!
Every day, whenever I edit the data, then start at that time I edit on wards, the accumulator stop calculating.
So, every next day, I have to correct the data of the previous day… How to correct them?

The way: is by manually re-uploading the first line (just the bottom line), normally mine is started at 00:05… by inputting = Time, Power, Voltage, Temp, Power Used = 00:05, 0, 0, 27, 250
Then, after inputting just this 1 (one) line, then it will correct all the above accumulations on top of it.
If I do not make this manual input correction, you will see the data will not be “fine”, (accumulator stopped).

Btw, I wonder why you ask for csv file? This is not needed. To show the error/bug, just simply by trying to upload just 1 (one) line, then wait for 5-10-15 minutes until we get the next data, and you will see that the accumulator are stop calculating…Please try with your data…

Try to upload using the Live Loader, just 1 (one) line, any time, then wait for 5-10-15-and so on, check on the accumulators… they will stop calculating…


I just made one edit modify the input at around 01:30… and as we can see, after 5 minutes, the Energy Used data stop accumulating…

This will go on until several “5-minutes” entries…
Let me try to NOT manually correct them…and so you can see the error/bug, and check the data online as well…

After 10 minutes:

After 15 minutes:

And so on…

The next day:

Observation until this morning, the last night Energy Used stop accumulating happen about one hour, up from 01:30 to 02:30, after this accumulator start working again, but of course with wrong starting number of accumulation.
This below snapshot: (I keep it, and do not correct it manually, so you can check online as well this error).

I keep the error online, (not manually corrected), so you can see and check it…

Looking at the raw data loaded for 1:35AM, energy=16, power=190

Previous data at 1:30AM

  • energy=314, power=188

It is not possible to load energy that decreases, the web page corrects this by displaying the last highest know value i.e. 314.

It will only continue to increase when an energy value greater than 314 is recorded, this occurred at 2:30AM when energy=341 was posted

The fix is to load the correct energy value that increases with time (341+16) at 1:35AM or omit energy and only provide power with the Live Loader, energy will be calculated from power.

Thanks for the info of the logic behind the accumulation problem…
Fyi, I am using Node-RED to control my Home Automation (IoT stuffs), the are many IoT stuffs running now, one of them is the Power System, and I send the power system data to PVOutput via this Node-RED as well. I am working with the Node-RED almost daily, changing/updating/inserting/modifying new things, and always need to “deploy” these changes. This is when the problem occurs, every time I click the deploy button on the Node-RED, then PVOutput data becomes wrong accumulations.

Now, I am going to manually correct the PVOutput data (31 July 2021), by re-inputting just the first/bottom line, (just 1 line), at 00:05, and all accumulations above this time will be corrected.

I have just made the correction; now, the data of 31 Jul 2021 looks fine. You can check it, if it is needed.

(Actually it is not fixed yet; (just in my opinion), I still have to correct the data manually).

The data sent from the Node-Red is incorrect, it should not be resetting energy, the ‘accumulator’ to 0Wh in the middle of the day each time a new deployment is made.

The solution is to remove the energy upload from the Node-Red upload and send only power.

Yes, I was thinking that way as well. I will need to edit my Node-RED function, not to include the energy counter.
Thank you.