Accessing 'standby' value from GET command

For me, my standby power is very important (hovering around 48W), not so much currently but will be when it’s time to go off-grid.

I know we can get standby alerts (and with my setup, I can quarantine email alerts and use something like IFTTT to pluck out a value, but it’s certainly not elegant - nor would it allow for a changing standby value as the day goes on), but what I’m after is the ability to use a GET command to access the standby value at any given time (much the same as I access the energy generation/consumption.

Is this something you’ve thought of BB?

Are you after the standby power (W) or the standby cost ($)?

The standby power can be accessed by extract the lowest non-zero consumption value from Get Status API.

If enough people want this a Get Standby service can implemented to provide both standby power and cost on a given date.

Thanks for the reply - I’m after the standby power. Good solution, but probably a bit beyond me at the moment.

I think I’ll either leave it or do a ‘cheap and nasty’ scrape sensor in the meantime.

The standby power value is now available by adding the stats parameter to Get Status request.


  • getstatus.jsp?sid=123&key=abc&stats=1

Sample Response


See the Day Statistics section of Get Status API for the return data specification -

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