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Left a message under the “ https://forum.pvoutput.org/t/auto-uploader-trannergy/4750” link.

The thread looks closed. Does that mean no one will read my message?


Looks like smart.trannergy have borked the auto uploader again.

Hi Guys,
I notice the push to PVOutput hasn’t worked for three days.
Have you news I can pass to my customers?
John Inglis

For troubleshooting, please provide:
Requested Header and Body
Response body
Clients are requested to provide as much as possible in curl agreement

PVOutput uses the auto uploader function describerd here: Auto Uploader — PVOutput documentation
Here is a screenshot of settings in one of the accounts:
Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 7.06.02 am.png
This account and about 30 others have been successfully uploading data from 17/11/2021 until 17/1/2022.
PAL5400N19202068 5.000kW
PAL5400N19202068 5.000kW
Uploads have not worked since then.
Trannergy 4.726MW
You can see the number of outputs dropped from 270 to 239 on the 17 - 18 January.
What needs to happen to get uploads working again?
John Inglis

Now we are not automatically forwarding the data, you need to retrieve the data yourself.

Hi Raine,
Can I ask why not?
John Inglis

The original platform data was directly forwarded to pvoutput, but now the new platform needs to retrieve data through API, and does not support direct forwarding to pvoutpu

I’m not sure whether something has been lost in translation or what.
I’ll keep bothering them until I get a sensible answer.