ABB TRIO-7.5-TL-OUTD Inverter integration


Does anyone know if it’s possible to integrate this inverter with PVOutput? I have VSN300 WiFi Logger Card installed in it, perhaps there is a way to query that card from a PC that runs logging software which would upload live data? I know this inverter also has RS485 connection available. But where to start?

Alright, so I’ve used an industrial isolated RS485 converter and connected the inverter directly to my Windows server. Using Aurora Monitor software I’m able to send outputs to PVOutput now automatically. What would be the best course to also get power usage data integrated into those outputs? Is it something that can be sent separately or does it have to be sent at once in one stream? I’m afraid Aurora Monitor does not support that.


It may be sent separately, you will need to find a monitor that supports PVOutput consumption uploads.

Frozenhaxor, I have written some very basic software using that polls the Modbus registers in my ABB UNO-DM-4.6-TL-PLUS-B-Q inverter and it now updates the 5 minute data directly to PVoutput. I can either send you a test copy but I still have heaps of work to do on it.
Have a look at

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Care to share the project on github perhaps? I know some C# (slightly different from VB.NET) and could learn from it and perhaps help improve the project if I get some time off.

I’m currently figuring out the optical protocol of my utility meter, perhaps it’s feasable to read it and send the data from some simple platform like ESP32. It would be the most accurate approach, those meters are pretty good. Far better than simple current clamps and don’t measure apparent nor reactive power, and not every device has a power factor of 1. In fact far from it.

Would you mind sharing your code

Sorry for my slow response. I will but I just need to fix a couple of things - I will let you know when I have done it.


I have the same inverter, and I am using Aurora Monitor 1.07 for Windows, and a RD485 USB converter, works wonderfully. Still I would prefer a small device as a ESP8266 or similar instead. There are arduino codes on the net, but I never found time to make a complete code that fits.

Hello, I cannot find the Modbus register list of this inverter. Does anyone have it? Thank you!