ABB B23 Smart pulse meter


I have an ABB B23 Smart meter i record all my consumption on and would like to hook it up to my fronius inverter.
From what i can see it has 2 pulse outputs but for the life of me i can’t seem to find the settings for the 2nd pulse output.

Also i think this device is capable of recording import/ export but how does that affect data with pulses as the flukso or fronius won’t know what way it’s going by the pulses would it?

i currently have it setup as (1b) if i set it up as (1a) would that give me a more exact figure on my import/export?


There is not enough information to answer you question.

  1. is your system 1, split or 3 phase?
  2. is your connection direct or uses split-core CTs?
  3. do you have sensors or connection on both the solar and grid lines?
  4. pictures will help



In case you don’t have the instructions for the ABB B23, here’s a link i found: B23 Manual. Per the manual, the pulses can be set to indicate Active Energy Imported, Active Energy Exported, Reactive Energy Imported or Reactive Energy Exported. If one pulse output is set to Export and one is set to import, then Net Export would be the sum of the Export pulses less the sum of the import pulses. You wouldn’t be able to determine a net value without using two pulses.

As far as you setup goes, putting the meter in position 1a) measures the energy delivered or received from your utility (import/export) while 1b) measures only consumption and would not give you any info on import/export.


3 phase system

My ABB B23 smart meter is 3 phase direct connected with pulse output currently connected as (1b) in the picture above

My solar is recorded directly from the inverter.


Once data is added into pvoutput it automatically calculates import/export.
Just wondering if i had it setup in (1a) that figure would be actual instead of average over 5 minutes.

I just dont quite understand how setting it up as (1a) would work it out and calculate whether its import or export.



The meter’s accuracy doesn’t change based on its location in a circuit. I’ll make an assumption here that you are also measuring your PV system output and sending that to PVOutput. Since you say you have your ABB meter connected as shown in figure 1B, then your calculating your net energy by subtracting consumption from generation (Net=Generation-Consumption, positive values are export, negative values are import). If you were to connect your meter as in 1A, then your Net would be measured and your consumption would be calculated (Consumption=Generation-Net).

I’m not really that familiar with the Fronius hardware, but it appears that there is only one pulse input. Because of that, if you want to calculate both import and export, you have to use configuration 1b. If you used configuration 1a the pulse would only accumulate for import or for export depending on how you set the meter up, but not both. Pulses are not bi-directional.


Im not talking about meter accuracy
Just accuracy on actual import as generation and consumption on pvoutput as it averages out usage and generation for every 5 minute blocks
Where as generation and net would be correct
As it only pulses when importing?



If what I guessed at in my last post is true, that Fronius only has one pulse input, then your only option is to connect as you have per Figure 1b. If you connected it per figure 1a, you would not be able to determine consumption when your generation exceeds consumption as you would be exporting and wouldn’t send any pulses to the Fronius.

Does the Fronius upload Energy or Power values to PVOutput (or both). As long as you’re uploading energy values, any errors due to the 5-minute polling time should average out throughout the day.


Configureation 1a will only give import, 1b will give only consumption. The latter is the setup to use because Net can be calculated from the difference between Consumption and Production (Frontis data)
Net =Consumption - Production
If Net is negative you are exporting power
If Net is Positive you are importing power


if i had to connect it as 1A at my parents house using cable clamps is there any way for it to work correctly without it counting generation as consumption?