5kw inverter with 6.4kw panels


I have a Zeversolar 5kw inverter with 6.4kw of panels. Do any of the 5kw inverters generate more than 5kw if overloading the inverter or are they all capped at 5kw?
Mine only ever seems to get to 4.8 - 4.9kw


Inverters are a current limited device. I’m not familiar with Zeversolar, but in general, inverters do not exceed their kVA rating which is usually the same number as their kW rating. Your output will be clipped by the inverter if the input exceeds 5 kW + inverter losses. It’s very common to have a DC/AC ratio between 1.2 and 1.4. Yours is 1.28.


My other system a fronius 10kw inverter with 10.3kw can hit 10.110kw must be better design


Not necessarily a better design. It’s still a current limited device but that limit is going to vary from unit to unit due to manufacturing tolerances. Also, it’s not uncommon for a manufacturer to rate a device somewhat lower than it’s actual capabilities so as not to have customers complain that they’re aren’t getting what their paying for.


I have 6650W of panels on 5kW inverter. It levels out at between 5010W and 5070W, which seems reasonable to me.
I noticed that if I listed the 19 panels @ their 350W each, it made the efficiency look bad, so I did a quick division of 5000W with 19 panels to get 265W per panel to enter in the ‘System’ page. Gotta have a close look to see if it made much of a difference.


Ok noticed something else strange.
On good days that arent in summer its like its maxing out and basically flat lining but its only at 4kw not its limit of 4.8-4.9kw…!!!
Dont mind the early afternoon thats because the grid voltage was too high and inverter kept cutting out.


perhaps its because the UV in summer is 11.5 + and now its only 7+.Having max panels only only makes more watts than the inverter can produce in summer when the averable UV that the panels receive is high enough for them to reach there max output,now you are only a UV of 7+ UV is what the panels need to produce power,your 350 watt panels will only produce about 220 whats now during winter, its all about the amount of Irradiance per /m squared, 11.5 UV is about 1100 lux per square mt and 7-0 Uv is only 800 lux per squarer mt


Overloading the inverter with more panels has it flatline at the inverter max as the panels are producing more than the inverter can handle.

I can’t understand why it would be flat lining at 4kw when it should be able to hit 4.9kw before the inverter maxes out and caused the flatline.


Dead microinverter(s) or panel(s)?


If the panels are on two strings, one string might be overloading the voltage or current capability of that MPPT input. Were there any alarms on the inverter - or can you get into the inverter monitoring and look back at the voltage and current at that time on each input MPPT??


yes 2 strings
no errors except when the grid voltage was too high
Ill have a look at voltage and current

no micro inverters how do you check for a dead panel?


Can you safely see what the Voltage and Current is for each string? Does the inverter display this information or can you extract it?

Are both strings pointing in the same direction? If so they should receive comparable sunlight and be able to generate the same amount of energy / panel.

Looking at the spec. sheet for the Zeverlution 500 - Not sure what model you have - the maximum input voltage per string is 600VDC and max current is 11A.

Is the POWER output actually falling to zero ( as shown ) or is it some sort of artefact in the data? Very dense clouds or very low flying planes!


Yes files attached

both strings have the same amount of panels different roof but within a few degrees of angle and direction ie. pretty bloody close

Yeah being residential it can only be 600V max anyway

The power output falling to zero is correct but that is not the issue im chasing that is (as stated in the first post) the grid voltage too high causing the inverter to drop out.

Im wondering why the output flatlines 1kw under the inverters max. for the first part of the day.
the inverter is capable of 4.9kw and has 6.4kw of panels. I expected on a day like that for it to still max out the system
(this is my parents system. My system albeit not overloaded had a nice curved graph for the whole day so being a few km from them with the same weather conditions ie perfect clear skies I don’t really understand the output)