3 phase supply with a single phase fronius smart meter


I recently installed a panel system on a property with three phases and the installer put in a single phase smart meter. Question is does it measure the consumption and generation correctly given it’s a single phase meter on a three phase supply.

Short answer - No. Unless you consumption and generation is exactly balanced across all three phases, then a single phase meter cannot accurately measure power and energy. That said, did you install a three phase or single phase PV System? If the smart meter is measuring only generation and the PV System is single phase, then that would make sense. You would still need a three phase meter to measure consumption and/or net.

Three phase supply with single phase inverter and single phase fronius smart meter

It needs to be a 3-phase meter.

Unless for some weird and unusual reason you are billed on each phase separately but most billing meters instantaneously net consumption and production across all phases.