2017-04-20 Zevercloud Auto Uploader


The Zevercloud Auto Uploader has been added as a primary device.

Directions supported is Solar only.


Awesome news! Thank you!

Is there any reason Zevercloud can’t be used as a secondary device? I already have an Efergy monitor in my primary.


It will be added as a secondary in the future.

However, you can swap out the Efergy to the secondary instead.


Hi All,

I have been trying to add my Zevercloud API key to the auto uploader. I have an issue where my key ends with “==” which seems to get stripped after saving the key.

I have tested ok when including the == > https://www.zevercloud.com/api/v1/getPlantOutput?period=bydays&date=2017-10-10&key=Y2hyaXNzYUBpaW5ldC5uZXQuYXVfNDYyMw==

Any help would be wonderful :slight_smile:




Non-alpha numeric characters in the key isn’t supported at this time, are you able to generate another key without those equal signs?


Thanks - I will try and get a new key :slight_smile:

Your the best:)



I’m new to the forums and i’m setting up the live output connection with Zevercloud.
However, im running into the exact same problem with the API key.
My key also ends with an equal sign “=”. As discribed in this topic, this sign is stripped away when saving my settings in PVOutput.

I am wondering if this problem has ever been solved? @chrissa @bankstownbloke


Equal signs in the key is still not supported, you will need to generate a new key with alpha numbers only.