2 x Fronius Inverters push service

Hi, I have searched everywhere and can not find the answer. When you have 2 inverters do you need to setup the push service to both inverters or just one? I have 2 x 2.5 Fronius inverters and no meter.
Yesterday I generated 42.96kWh on solar web but only showed 22.555kWh on PVOutput so I don’t think everything is being pushed over.

I have tried to setup the parent and 2 child system but must still have missed something.

Any idea, maybe I have put this in the wrong spot :thinking:



I would imagine that you would need to configure EACH inverter to push its output figures through to PVO unless the two inverters have been connected together ( data-wise if that’s possible ). You would need a separate ID for each inverter otherwise the output of one will overwrite the other.

You could also take a look at Data Aggregation — PVOutput documentation

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Thank you for replying grannos, maybe I use the same api but the child 1 id for one inverter and child 2 id for the other inverter. I will give that a go.

Unfortunately that just made things worse :woman_facepalming:t2:

Today is looking positive, it appears to have worked :blush: thank you again

Excellent news. Thanks for the feedback.

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