2 systems sharing the same roof


My brother and parents have 2 systems on the same roof (my brother’s roof) with 2 separate inverters. I added both systems in PVO and in order to get an idea how much energy my brother would get if I had all the surface installed on his roof, I created a third system that aggregates the 2 child systems. So far so good.

Still, it is not possible to hide that third “virtual” system from the search, live outputs, etc and it counts as if it was a different system. Not a problem for me but I wonder if this is the right way to achieve what I wanted to do.

Maybe I should use a team instead? I don’t have enough outputs yet to create one but would this be a better option?

Thank you.

Teams cannot aggregate live data. Its not possible to hide child systems with the various pages.

I just discovered the group selected option and I think this will be enough for what we need. Also I now have enough outputs to create a team so that would also be a sufficient option. Thank you.