2 Systems Combine Total Generation, Is It Possible


Hi all.
I have an SMA Sunnyboy that I have been uploading data to PV Output for 3 years with Felix Solar Log with no dramas.
I have now had a ZEVER solar system added on to the existing system, So I now have 2 Inverters.
Is there any way to get it so that both inverters totals get added together to show a total generation for the house.
I have set up Zever cloud and have all the API and APP info, I can get it uploading as a seperate system ,but I cannot for the life of me figure out a way to show all data on one graph or to combine both systems to just give 1 total generation.
Is this possible at all.
Thanks In Advance


Take a look at the Aggregation feature to combine the results of many child systems to a parent system.


Thank You,
Worked like a charm