0W value in a future timeslot

Hi team

I’m new to PVOutput and am uploading data from Zevercloud using the Zevercloud API. I am then using the PVOutput API to present available information on my Home Assistant portal.

the issue I am having is that PVOutput publishes a timeslot that is in the future, with 0W production. this info is updated when the next data refresh takes place. I cannot figure out how to sync the API upload and live data refresh so that PVOutput shows the last uploaded value.

for example, the following screen shot was taken at 12:55pm

as you can see, PVOutput is reporting 0W for 1pm, which is in the future.

I have checked the timezone, date and time details in PVOutput and in the Zeversolar inverter, and cannot figure this out. Any help will be greatly appreciated

Regards - Ran

PVOutput will record the data that is provided by Zevercloud. In this case it is reporting 0W at 13:00, it may be a an issue with the inverter reporting to Zevercloud or the Zevercloud API.