Zeversolar auto Updater


PVOutput calculates energy from power reported by zevercloud. They may be using a different method to calculate energy.


Ok Im new how do I get these so I can setup on pvoutputers.
So frustrating.


Contact zever and request an app secret and app key for your system.



Meh… just pull the data direct from the inverter yourself.

Simply call http://<inverter_ip_address>/home.cgi

Try it in your browser even.

Line 11 gives you current watts, line 12 gives you the day’s kWh produced to that point.

note: your version of ComBox software may have the same issue that mine does for kWh numbers. For some reason, Zeversolar think decimal numbers go


Simple and robust fix (in case they ever fix this in the firmware) – if the number after the decimal point is a single digit, then put a 0 in front of it :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!


Any chance you can add consumption data to import?

I’ve installed the Eastron sdm230 meter and I’m now getting consumption data sent to zevercloud.

Any chance the auto uploaded can be amended to allow this data to be imported into PVoutput?

What info would you need to help update the auto updater?


If there is documentation on the url and format of consumption data then it may be possible.

Solar data is obtained using the getPlantOutput URL


I sent an email about 5 days ago for the api key does it normally take long?


anyone got another way to get the App Secret and App Key i have emailed both australian sales and support emails and haven’t got an email back.