Tesla Powerwall2 data to PVoutput?


This may be a little off topic, but I do believe there is something wrong with the units used in the graph. The graph shows a peak solar exported of 1.25 GW (thats 1.25x10^6 watts). I’ve designed some of the largest Utility Scale PV in California, and that’s about 10 times the size of the largest I’ve worked on which used over 800,000 PV Modules. :smile:


Never mind - it does change it was a browser refresh problem. Timestamp seems to update at least every second depending on the polling time. My extended data has been turned off = I’m assuming that there will be a new release soon to fix the data value issue - can I ask that there is in the latest version that the default parameters in the config file reflect what is used for the tesla app. Looking at the data from the Tesla web page with JSON makes it clearer and I’ll happily work it out.

Question though - has there been any plans on expanding the number of values in the extended data. I’d like to get line and area data for some of the data values.


No plans to add more extended parameters in the short to medium term.


Thanks for adding those extended values - the graphs are working great now.

I found where to divide the output numbers to make them look right - is there some way to deduct an “initial starting value”, as the value you get when hovering over the graph appears to be the running total since switch-on, and I’d prefer to see the daily cumulative value.

It’s this system: https://pvoutput.org/intraday.jsp?id=6483&sid=54376


This would need to be done in a rule - but this feature is not supported yet for Powerwall


Not to nitpick, but when the PW2 gets full and solar generation switches to being exported, the export value in “site.instant_apparent_power” gets summed to the consumption, making it look like the home has a huge power draw - is that something I have to configure to fix, or a limitation of the current system?

See https://pvoutput.org/intraday.jsp?id=6483&sid=54376 from 12.20 onwards on 11/11/17.

I since remove the “site.instant_apparent_power” parameter from the extended values in the graph, and substituted the v4 “power consumption” value.


The service will read the exact value provided by the Powerwall gateway - unless there is a rule you can apply to fix this, it would need to be updated on the Powerwall end.


Hi, just wonder if there is any plan to add the Powerwall’s State of Charge into the Extended Data? SoC can be found at:




Yes, discussed in this thread… Powerwall - Extended Parameters


First off, thank you for all your help, especially for the nice Mikes Gear write up.
This is what I got so far:

I changed the Axis to 1 for the State of charge as it was otherwise flattening the entire graph.

I would like however to show both Generation and Consumption in the main page and, as I understand it from DLJ57 it is possible by running two separate instances of the wrapper installing the service with a different name.
Can someone explain a bit more in detail how that’s accomplished before I mess it all up :slight_smile: ?

BTW, I joined the Tesla Owners and Friends but I still don’t see my system there…

Happy New Year!


Hi agiangonew, it is relatively simple but there are some gotcha’s. The first thing you need to do is create a separate copy of the service in the Program Files (x86) directory (I called my second one PVOutput1). You also need to create a separate Log directory and modify the configuration file to point to that one. Also, change the name of the service in the configuration files. I’m pretty sure those were the only modifications. The 7th of Dec results shows what it will look like(I’ve allowed it to be public to be seen as an example). https://pvoutput.org/intraday.jsp?id=61595&sid=55276&dt=20171207

Update: I do remember that I modified some of the default information of the second service going to pvoutput because I didn’t want to duplicate data. Also set direction to “out”.


Thank you for your reply, much appreciated. I got everything sorted out, I think, but to clarify, do you run all your feeds from the powerwall data? It seems to me that the generation side is not part of the standard data set but only comes as V9 and V12. How do you get Energy Generated and Power Generated under Show All?


You basically set the direction in both the pvoutput configuration file and the powerwall configuration file to “out” for the second service. That is the benefit from running two services - the bi-directional benefit.


Here is my parameter setup.


Ok, let me try. One question though, how do you install the second service with a different name? Modify the install.bat?

Thanks for the Extended Data parameters as well.


It has been awhile but I’m pretty sure there is only one pararmeter in the pvoutput.conf file needs to be changed…

Name of the service



Yes, the file to modify is pvoutput.conf
wrapper.name = PVOutputSVCOUT

and also the display name or you’ll get an error

wrapper.displayname = PV Output Integration services OUT

Logs are now being created but there is no sun so we’ll see tomorrow

Thanks again.


there you go grasshopper - you are now the master :slight_smile: you must be outside of Australia. Enjoy the new display and information.


Yep, New Jersey here. It’s looking good though because I see data filled that I did not see before


Cool - btw born in Iowa and raised in Omaha. :slight_smile: normally the data will fill in - doesn’t always align at the same time.