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Since my inverter was updated to fro32482.upd I have had no further issues.


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any reason to keep updating them?
I haven’t updated mine forever.

Some of the changes relate to the inverter being connected to other ‘grids’ so aren’t really relevant to me whereas some updates do affect performance - Fronius adjust some of the internal parameters of the inverter.

Updates to the Datamanager card are probably more important and may plug security holes.

It has been confirmed by Fronius that 32482 can create other problems - e.g. total generation losses by approximate 50% especially at bad weather/low light conditions (MPP Tracker problems).
There is also a thread about this in the German PV-Forum/Fronius.

The current workaround to fix this is to contact the fronius support and to request a downgrade to 32071. My configuration is a Symo 20 and 5 and a Fronius Smartmeter.

Updating the datamanager to Version 3.19.10-1 resulted for all OpenWB Wallbox users and me to the error, that now the day production is not anymore tracked/recorded. Unfortunately there is no way to downgrade the Datamanger, so OpenWB users have to wait for a fix by OpenWB now :frowning:

Hi @lemuba,

Thanks for the information. I wonder what on earth is going on at Fronius HQ! They seem to be suffering from a few quality control measures lately.

I haven’t observed any loss of production since the update but the weather conditions here ( Perth, Western Australia ) have been very good [ apart from the unpleasant heat ] so the only low-light is essentially sunrise and sunset.

The Datamanager release notes mention a ‘Bugfix’ to the Modbus API. I wonder if Fronius have also introduced a bug!

Software Version: V3.19.10-1

/ Remote control option for electric utility companies
/ New firmware V36 for UL Meter is supported
/ Phase accurate feed-in limit possible (weakest phase approach)

> / Modbus API: Status Fault only occurs when the inverter is not feeding into the grid
/ The management of older devices (IG,…) has been improved


I have uploaded yesterday’s production vs the day before my inverter’s firmware was updated to fro32482

There is little difference between the two days. Yesterday was a bit closer to the southern summer solstice.

05DEC2021 was 32.3C [ MAX ] with 13.1 hours of daylight.

02JAN2022 was 32.4C [ MAX ] with 13.2 hours of daylight.