Spikes in generation curve when using SolarEdge Inverter


I have a 7.56 kW (DC) installed using SolarEdge P300-ZEP optimizer with SE7600H-US. I see random spikes in the production curve going up to 16kW during the afternoon and the sudden drops. What could possibly the reason for these spikes?


Can’t really tell you why your system acts the way it does but here are a few things to check.

  1. Inspect the connections throughout your system if possible.
  2. Read all the literature you can on the components of your system…particularly the MPPTs.
  3. Check the SolarEdge forum(s) for problems with the H type inverts. There have been many complaints about failures of this new technology.
    I have a system which is a little smaller and uses the older technology inverter SE7600-US split phase inverter. I do see spikes on partly cloudy days corresponding to cloud shadows passing over my array. However, the spikes seldom if ever exceed 6 kWs and for less than five minutes which is the minimum period I can assess.


Thank you for your help! I will check the connections and also reach out to SolarEdge.


Yes, probably clouds. I found my instant peak generation was mid-season on cloudy days. Get the monitoring app/website up at home and look out the window. Provided you have 3 sec refresh from the monitoring, you’ll see drops when clouds shadow your house but in between clouds if the sun makes it through, you get a huge amount of diffuse cloud reflectivity which increases your panels production during that time.