Solaredge and Youless


Evening everyone.

It seems when my PV system is producing and reporting on PVoutput, it seems my Youless is missing some uploads.

Does anyone happen to know a fix for this problem? Does it have to do with the upload interval of either one of the devices?

I’d be very grateful if someone could help me with this :blush:


You have not given enough information for anyone to answer your question. If you want some help please provide you system size, panel manufacturer, and how you upload the consumption data from you YouLess to PVOtuput.


I have a Solaredge hd wave 3000 inverter with 8 Suntech 310wp panels (2480 watts).

I am using their API to upload the data into PVoutput. All is working fine.

Since a few days I have a Youless that is a device that reads the led impulse of my meter and I’ve set it up with the API key created on PVOutput and sysid to upload it’s data into PVOutput, which is working OK too.

Since I created this topic I have cycled the Youless power, and it seems to be working much better now.
I’ve seen only 2 gaps today, however they don’t seem to appear anymore on the graph. So I guess it’s all good.

I now however have a different problem. My panels production is now also being reported as consumption.

I have set the Youless mode according to it’s manual in mode v4 which means it’s input data is being sent as “net” power. This is the mode where the gross production of the panels is already connected with PVOutput.

I’ve emailed the supplier of the Youless, I think it might be the wrong mode I used.

Or perhaps it’s some setting in pvoutput that I’m missing.

Thanks for the reply.


So apparently it is a limitation of the Youless. Since it is also reading production as generation throug the main meter led impulses.

In fact it is not recommended to connect a Youless on a led impulse meter with solar production.

Guess I’m going to have to get a smart meter with p1 port.

Or would there be some sort of setting to substract solar production from the generation?


Hi Jelle,

It must be possible to connect the Youless with the p1 port of the meter.
You only have to flash the right system software.
Reading the led flashes is not reliable.

You can find the flash procedure on the Youless webside.

Personally is would prefer a PI with a P1 cable. :slight_smile:

Good luck.


I use a youless too to measure the production.

No issues, very stable.

Is your youless working correctly?

9.000W consumption?

Each Youless also has a webpage ( Are the values there ok?


Yes the Youless is working correctly, am using the right firmware with the correct mode.

I track my solar production with the Solaredge API and my Youless I bought to track consumption.

Specifically it sais on the Youless page:

Which means it is not recommended to use a youless on a non smart meter if you have solar production. And I happen to have a led impuls set up for my Youless, so the solar production is counted by the youless as extra consumption.

So if there is not a setting to substract my Solaredge input from my Youless consumption input. I must submit for a smart meter with P1 port. My current “dumb meter” is an Iskra MT174 which has no P1 port :frowning:


modbus solaredge meter can also do this in combinatie with PVoutput. You can then produce a graph of the production and consumption.

Try also a Status Interval of 15 minutes, don’t think that 5 minutes is supported.


I have analyzed the data shown on your site and it looks like the values reported for consumption have been modified by adding two times the PV production. The plot shows the net curve after twice the production has been subtracted. I have multiplied the numbers by -1 to show consumption as negative and grid feed in as positive. (Purple curve). Apparently your YouLess reports to PVOutput and the settings cause the production to be added to those results. If the YouLess results are Production + Generation then PVOutput adds generation to it the data is then Production + 2 * Generation. The purple curve I calculated is the result of subtracting the 2 * Generation which should be the actual Net consumption. When the Net consumption is Positive you are sending power to the Grid and when it is negative you are drawing power from the Grid.
Don’t know how to correct this error but @bankstownbloke should.


This issues has been fixed. You cannot use a Youless on a LED impulse meter that has solar production on it.
I now have a smart meter with p1 port.


Actually, it would still be nice if there would a setting so PVOutput could subtract PV generation from consumption as stated by @lwsmiser above.

I know analogue meters should be a thing of the past soon, but still I don’t think it would take that much time to ‘correct’ this.