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I’ve just installed SBFspot and I am trying to get as much historical data as I can from my inverter and upload this to PVOutput.

I ran the following:
/usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/SBFspot -v -finq -nocsv -startdate:20200422

hoping to get all data since 22 April this year, however when I look at the database, it seems it only has detailed data for today and the historical data for April seems to have been collated already (in vwMonthData) and there’s no data loaded for May.

Am I misunderstanding how this works? Is there any way to get SBFspot to retain all the minute-to-minute data for each day? I understand this data is available from my inverter (SunnyBoy 5000TL) for the past 62 days.

This should do the job:

/usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/SBFspot -ad62 -am2 -ae2 -v -finq -nocsv

Hey @SBF I wanted to try something similar ( I miss 2 days in February because my Bluetooth logger was offline ), the command works I now can see the data locally. But the upload daemon is not picking this up to upload to pvoutput. Do I need to do something extra to enable this?

The upload is limited to 14d backlog for non donators to PVO.

Damn did not know that :confused:

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Hey @SBF I did a donation and can see the STAR icon behind my plant.
Running the archive retrieval job creates the csv files from the 2 missing days, but the uploaddeamon job log always print out that it handles the last entries of today to upload.

What can I check to see what the upload deamon will be selection for upload?

SBFspot checks donation status every 2 hours. You can restart the daemon to force it.
Execute this query to see the Batch_DateLimit (should be 90 when you are a donator)

select * from config;

You don’t need the CSV files for upload to PVO. The SQL db is used for this purpose.

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Yeps it is set to 90 but I see that the vwPvoData still misses the entries for those days.
For the -ad command I get following output for the 2 missing days:

startTime = 602070F0 → 08/02/2021 00:00:00

  • ArchiveDayData() *

startTime = 601F1F70 → 07/02/2021 00:00:00

  • ArchiveDayData() *

But I did the command already a few times now of course. I can’t understand the DayData tabel with the timestamp. So no idea I can verify if the entries are actually in it.

Anything else I can check? Regular uploads of new data is still working by the way. Just those 2 lost days not.

What is the output of this query (most probably the pvoutput flag is already set)

select * from vwPvoData where strftime('%Y%m%d',timestamp) = '20210207';

If you don’t see the records for feb 7th, there is no data for that day

I already knew the vwPvoData did not contain the entries for 7th and 8th of Feb. I thought the SBFspot -ad60 would have added those. Like I said running the option without the -nocsv generated the csv files for those days and they do contain the correct data for those 2 days ( so values during times ).

08/02/2021 15:44:33;SN: 2100274254;SB 4000TL-20;2100274254;0,000;0,000;0,000;0,000;297,130;297,150;0,000;0,000;0,000;0,000;0,000;0,000$
08/02/2021 15:54:39;SN: 2100274254;SB 4000TL-20;2100274254;0,000;0,000;0,000;0,000;294,980;295,020;0,000;0,000;0,000;0,000;0,000;0,000$

Any chance on inserting those into the db?

That should go automatically, unless you use the -nosql argument.
Try this and look for any SQL DB errors in the output:

SBFspot -v5 -nocsv -ad2 -am0 -ae0 -sp0 -startdate:20210208

Ok thx for the detailed CLI command.
Weird the log shows no errors but the readouts are all 0
Although the CSV files are correct…
How is this possible?
Added the logs here!AllKM7mWfdhdj8E8ffi1q2Q85uCITw?e=3gZJMP

No it isn’t. I’m pretty sure there was snow on the panels in Duffel :wink:
So there was 0 Wh production.

You can add 0 generation for these 2 days via

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Hi sorry for hitting such an old thread but only one I can find that seems to be relevant and I am very new to this.

Is it possible to download ALL the data from an inverter that was installed on the 1 October 2011 to a mariadb?



Sure, use -ad62 for 5-min data and -am300 for daily totals. For events, use -ae300
SBFspot -? for help page

PVoutput will only accept 14 days or 90 in donation mode