Rainforest Eagle not uploading since approx 14:00 UTC today

Rainforest confirmed to me that it an issue with security certs. As stated by kemyers, they are aware and working on the issue, no date available for fix as of October 1 2021. That said, Eagle 200 should continue to poll/pull data. Only uploads to PVO appear to be affected.

Can anyone with the legacy Eagle confirm that the symptoms are a Red “Bad URL” in the Cloud settings for the unit?

Except that PUSH isn’t working with the certificate problem.
The Auto Uploader won’t work either according to Rainforest until they fix the issue.

There is nothing bad with the Cloud configurations in the Eagle devices.

It’s just that it won’t work with any third party sites because of the expire root certificate problem.

Your data is being posted fine to the Rainforest Portal. But that is as far as it gets.

Can’t get to PVOutput.org until Rainforest fixes the devices on their end.

Having same problem with the original version of the Eagle.

I understand that. The symptoms originally posted were for the 200 which was stuck in “Initializing” which is a different symptom than “Bad URL” on the original Eagle. Wanted to make sure we’re all talking about the same problem. I put in a ticket with Rainforest and got back this response:

Thank you for contacting Rainforest Support regarding your concern.

You are correct. As of the time being, there has been a change with the Let’s Encrypt certificates. This change has caused customers to have issues uploading to third party sites. We are currently working on a fix to address the issue. Several customers have reported the issue as well, so we are putting a high priority in fixing the issue. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a time frame of the update, and until an update has been issued, the Eagle is unable to send data to third party sites. In the meantime, you are still able to access your data through our web portal at portal.rainforestcloud.com.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

This should now be resolved -

My eagle did start reporting to PVO around 3am PST. It does appear to be fixed.

I had switched to Auto Uploader and it hadn’t made any difference. Only when I switched back to PUSH did my Eagle-200 start reporting again. Glad to have the issue resolved finally.

My Eagle also appears to have restarted earlier today - however, it appears to be posting to the wrong time slots - you may want to reset the device’s timezone…it probably did this as I deleted the device and reentered it to try to troubleshoot the certificate outage. -Alex

Still broken on my Original Eagle. Still getting the Red “Bad URL” error. Tried setting to no cloud and another cloud then switching back to PVOutput, no effect. Added another instance of PVOutput, no effect. Power cycled, no effect. Got an email from Rainforest support saying it should be fixed. Responded and now I wait…

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My first gen Eagle is still broken as well. Same “Bad URL” error continues to be reported. Only option I haven’t tried is a factory reset…

I reached out to Rainforest support as well because my Eagle kept showing the error message although some people have reported theirs is working again. It seems the older generation, Eagle 200 with the 4 lights, is still affected by this. Please see support’s response to my inquiry below:

The issue seems to persist for customers using the Legacy Eagles. We will continue our investigation and keep you up to date as the situation evolves.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Best Regards,
Rainforest Support

Got the same message from support. So…I wait

Try adding a new new cloud provider change the “https” to “http” in the URL field. This should get thing working again while waiting for a proper fix to be implemented.

This worked for me for now

Can confirm that this fix works for the old model eagle - change it from https to http.
No idea why Rainforest support didn’t just recommend this in the first place.

Rainforest released an update for the Legacy Eagle and HTTPS is working again

But it seems the timestamps or timezone data is wrong when displayed in PVOutput. Is it showing correctly for anyone in PVOutput? Mine isn’t.

Mine is correct after I set the TZ again. The forced update seems to have reset the TZ to default.