Quick Compare

It would be useful to quickly compare the current period against: the previous period, same period last year, 30d average.

The reason is I want to know in the morning what I could expect for output. But also quickly compare if daily performance was better or worse than previous periods from the ‘daily’ or ‘live’ view.

For example: if looking at a day - I would like to quickly compare against yesterday, the same day last year and 30 day average.

This data and functionality exists already (in part) but is clunky to get to. Adding to the menu or providing a line item under the chart may be useful.

It could simply be the numbers but ideally a chart overlay.

Maybe some other users can suggest their preferences.

Possibly by focusing on the compare input box these common options can popup automatically

I see ’ X days’ already exists within the ‘compare’ box. A user can currently use this functionality to do a day-by-day comparison of another period.

So maybe these could be considered:

best day ever - eg highest performing day ever recorded
best [season] ever - eg highest performing summer day ever recorded
best [season] [year] - as above but limited to season and year

[date] - any user inputted date or date range

best [month] ever - eg highest performing June day ever recorded
best [month] [year] - as above but limited to month and year
best [year] - as above but limited to year

best could also be worst - best being highest and worst being lowest (excluding nil periods). Average could also be considered…

this time last [day/week/month/year] - eg same day last year.

There are probably a few more permutations.

Any other users interested in this?

Yes, I had a similar idea: Easier comparing last 2 days and to best day

Still keen for this.

Also wouldn’t mind showing a running summary of:
Time of first energy generation
Time of last energy generation
Time of max reading

The record date compare shortcut as been added.

On the live date compare box enter #r

The following dates will be retrieved for comparing -

  • The life time record date output
  • The best output for the last 3 months
  • The best output for the same month of the last 5 years


This currently works only for your own systems so you’ll need to be logged in to see an updated list.

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