PVO no longer recording data from Zever API


I’ve had this problem in the last where PVO is no longer recording/receiving data from through Zever API. To rectify this is have normally edited my seeing re-saved them, and then it carries on A’s usual. But for last three days I’ve either not had data through the Zever API, or is falls off and will not restart.

Have checked Zever AP is working using a direct URL query and it is working, so appears to be PVO receiving and processing the data.

Appreciate comments and guidance.


Same here, if you look on pv output, you have daily data but no live data. All ready an open topic on that


Thanks. Will ignore this thread and follow the existing one. (Technology is a challenge for me sometimes. Age :older_man:t2: makes learning/keeping up with it all a bit like a workout!)


See No readings from zeversolar