PSEG RS Tariffs Net Metering


Hello everyone,

My utility company offers Net Metering with excess generation carried over month after month and trued up with an actual monetary credit on the anniversary date once a year.
However in the available tariffs models I don’t see a way to properly account for that. I have it set up for Net Daily but to correctly account for the cost, a Net Yearly would be needed unless there is another way to accomplish what I’m describing which I have not figured out. Any advice?


The data can be displayed yearly, switching to the detailed view will show total export for the year which can be multiplied by the tariff.


It looks like the yearly behaves the same way. Meaning the data is aggregated daily therefore the excess generation is returned as a credit instead of being offset against excess consumption.
It would be nice if daily and monthly had the option to carry over excess generation (if any) while yearly would display the final tally with credit available based on the entire year (if any).
This is how the tariffs work with this utility provider. They also offer TOU (called RLM Rate load management) in which case they keep track of Net usage per tier and pay with a yearly true up the same rate for both tiers.


It is not something that is supported at the moment, excess generation/export is calculated at each 5-minute interval and saved daily.


Understood, thank you for the reply.