No consumption data today for Eagle

I don’t have any consumption data displayed today since midnight. Has been working till now except for occasional 5 minute gaps every once in a while. I have consumption data available at Rainforestcloud and Wattvision for today showing no problems. There is nothing displayed for consumption data on the consumption part of the graphs or tables.

I have a similar problem. No data since around 4am last night.
Am using a Fronius via the /service/r2/froniuspost.jsp PUSH API.

Well, I don’t know whether my post here in the forum about the problem, got bankstownbloke to kick the servers or whether my simply re-saving my system profile without making any changes got to start displaying and logging my consumption data. I made no changes to my hardware or software, simply saved my system profile and things started working normally. I might suggest you do the same if the problem is still hanging around for you.

I asked in another thread whether the changes for a different Enphase consumption uploader might have affected me somehow. No official answer so far in that thread either.

Hmm, still nothing for me.
I’ll try rebooting the Fronius inverter when I get home tonight.
I’ve recreated the push config in the settings, just in case that helps.

No changes on PVOutput and the Enphase changes have no affect on the Eagle.

Please discuss in the Fronius thread instead -

Ah, sorry.

For what it’s worth. I turned the inverter off, and on again, and it’s started posting data fine now.
No idea why that fixed it :frowning:

Any idea what happened? All I did is re-save my system profile at 9:45 in the morning when I noticed I didn’t have any data from midnight till then and it started recording and displaying my consumption data.

I had continuous consumption data recorded in the Eagle and available at both Rainforestcloud and Wattvision from midnight all throughout the day.

If the Eagle responds with errors for more than 24hrs then PVOutput will remove it from the Auto Upload poll. Re-saving the systems re-activates the polling process.

The Eagle Auto Upload is not reliable as the request are being forwarded from rainforest directly to your Eagle. This method is known to result in empty data or errors from the Eagle.

It is recommended to use the Eagle Push method instead. This method sends data from the Eagle directly to PVOutput without involving

Thank you for the reply. Not sure how to implement your solution since there is no curl program associated with the Eagle. Just a very simple interface with no other software involved. I have only had this happen this one time. Not something I have to take action on immediately. Thanks for the explanation of how and why it happened.