Need help to Connect my solar output to


I recently installed solar system at my home. Now I want to monitor my solar system online using rasberry Pi, can someone guide me step by step as I am noob to these stuff.
My inverter is made by voltronic power.
Thanks in advance.


There are many ways, but I used this way

Have a scroll through the entire thread. I think I chirp in around post no.30 and I even list an idiot guide to follow.


Hi Warren,
Thank you for the response.
After going through the post I believe this works with currentcost device, I am thinking of some codes which can read my inverter data and then post the values to through RBPi, is it possible?



Yes you’re right it does use a current cost device. Basically it uses an energy monitor called an Envi or an EnviR. They’ve just been rebadged by current cost. You can pick up these cheap on eBay and sometimes they may have an energy suppliers name on them like British Gas or Eon.
If you only want your solar export data sent to PV then there must be a way of connecting your inverter to the Pi. And I’m sure there will be intelligent folk on this forum that can point you in the right direction. Unfortunately I am not one of those intelligent people and cannot help. Maybe create a new post titled your inverter name and connecting it to a Pi.
If you want both solar and energy consumed data exported to PV, then I would consider the above solution. It has worked for me without issues since I commissioned it.
Sorry that I cannot be of further help


I use a raspberry pi. I guess it all depends on your capabilities, I guess they are not great if you describe yourself as a noob.

Take a look at I built their emonTX and have two current transformers, one on the inverter output, and the other on the cable to/from the national grid. There used to be lots of code samples on the www site, but it seems to have gone a lot more commercial in the last few years.

There is a Raspberry Pi team on here with currently 440 members, so you will not be alone, though I guess most of the members are doing different things.