Inactive Contributors

Hi, I notice there are a fair few contributors that haven’t added solar data in months/years. Is it worth having a mechanism that changes the contributor status to inactive after a period of time? Any inactive contributors could then drop off the PV Ladder, until they become active again by adding data. Alternatively, maybe add “Seen” to the Ladder filter.

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Hi its all ready there just use the PV ladder filter set the % to say 98% there you are

This only sort-of works. I have a number of ‘favourites’, one of which hasn’t reported for 14 weeks - but I still want to see it. Its ‘completeness’ is 61%, so I set the filter to 40% but, if I search for this favourite and zoom into it, the filter settings are erased.

There is another means of supposedly excluding inactive contributers: in your account settings. There you can set only to display contributers from a specific country (default is all) and/or exclude those that have not contributed for 1, 2 or 3 months. It would be good if this setting could include 6 months and a year.

Implemented -


I’m one of those inactive contributors, 2 months since installation and still no electrical inspection that allows the PV’s to be turned on to power the house. COVID has not helped. Another issue I have is that our local network is at max capacity and without an area transformer upgrade, scheduled for mid year, I’ll be restricted to ZERO feed in.
Looking forward to being a contributor!!