How is the "Saved" value calculated on the Detailed Daily summary page?


As per the subject, how is the “Saved” column calculated on the Detailed Daily (view) summary page? I had a good look at the documentation but I was unable to find an explicit definition.


Saved = Generation - Export


Saved = Consumption - Import

It’s the amount that your household did not have to pay for consumption due to generation.

This will be added to the documentation.

Some algebra :smile:

Consumption - Import = Generation - Export
Consumption = Generation + Import - Export
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Thanks for the info. I must have a setting wrong. This is my daily data from Saturday which is just offpeak and shoulder.

Date Generated Exported Consumption Import Credit Debit Balance Saved
30/09/17 21.450kWh 14.985kWh 14.136kWh 7.671kWh $1.74 $1.92 $0.18 $2.97

Saved KWh = Gen - Export = 21.45-14.985 = 6.465KWh.

Saved KWh cost = Saved $ / Saved KWh = $2.97 / 6.465 = $0.459 /KWh … which is my peak power rate.

Do I have something misconfigured under my tariffs?


Tariff amounts are calculated at each 5-minute interval, rather than multiplying the total result by the end of day tariff.


I just tonight coded up a cost calculator in php as I suspected either it was wrong or my tariff setup was wrong. It turned out neither. The calcs used by PvOutput are spot on.

As bankstownbloke said, it has to be calculated each 5 minute interval and the daily service fee is applied in full at the beginning of the day. The different rates makes it a bit more of a challenge.

I have found the same thing as you mctubster ie “Saved” always uses peak tariff rate even if the moment that the power is saved was off peak.

My example
Peak: $0.55 (Mon-Fri 1500-2100)
Off peak: $0.15474 (all weekend is off peak)
Feed in tariff: $0.07135
Daily supply charge: $0.455989

Sun 15/Apr 2018
Generated: 31.191kWh
Exported: 17.025kWh
Consumption: 24.645kWh
Imported: 10.479kWh
Saved: Generation - Export = Consumption - Import = 14.166kWh

From the detailed page:
Credit = 17.025 * 0.07135 = $1.21 (correct)
Debit = (10.479 * 0.15474) + 0.455989 = $2.08 (correct)
Saved = 14.166 * 0.55 = $7.79 (incorrect). It should be 14.166 * 0.15474 = $2.19 because Sunday was all off-peak

The ‘saved’ calculation is overly generous or more one might say incorrect as it does not attribute savings to the correct tariff at the time of metering.

Am I missing something here?

I’m also experiencing the same situation on “Saved” values but in my case it assumes the Non Peak tariff instead of Peak tariff (Saved should be higher).

Anyone have informations regarding this?

See the worked example on - Wrong values on "Saved" column