How does Maximum Net Power work?


@12h15 on July 11, 2019 :

Power used: 12.360W

Power generated: 42.561W

So max net power: 42.561-12.360=30.201W and not 25.485W?

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Max Net = Consumption - Generation

At 14:45

  • 29396 - 3911 = 25485



So Net Power is the maximum of the orange arrow:


Consumption is the sum of the green and orange arrow.

Generation is the green arrow.

I’m also interested in the maximum value of the orange arrow when it points the other way; when I am producing solar power for the grid.

So Min Net = Consumption – Generation

In this installation that value is higher. Both Min and Max Net are relevant for choosing the right size of the grid connection (min only when Generation > Consumption).

Max Net Power = max(abs(Consumption – Generation)) will also do the job.