How does Maximum Net Power work?


@12h15 on July 11, 2019 :

Power used: 12.360W

Power generated: 42.561W

So max net power: 42.561-12.360=30.201W and not 25.485W?

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Max Net = Consumption - Generation

At 14:45

  • 29396 - 3911 = 25485



So Net Power is the maximum of the orange arrow:


Consumption is the sum of the green and orange arrow.

Generation is the green arrow.

Iā€™m also interested in the maximum value of the orange arrow when it points the other way; when I am producing solar power for the grid.

So Min Net = Consumption ā€“ Generation

In this installation that value is higher. Both Min and Max Net are relevant for choosing the right size of the grid connection (min only when Generation > Consumption).

Max Net Power = max(abs(Consumption ā€“ Generation)) will also do the job.