Help Required Uploading Growatt Inverter To PVOutput


I found the problem, now looking when I missed it (merge maybe). Will come back with solution in a few minutes.



Ok, I think I got it.

@lampra please try latest dev branch (tag multi-inv-rc3). To document, the commit that caused errors is c50704f88

My system is working because I have only one inverter on the code, the line altered does not matter for single inverter.

Regarding your suggestions I will put commit them.


Forgot to say, this might be



FYI: I was uploading 2 systems with the multi-inverter version and 1 system with the single inverter version and both stopped the day after the time change.


:open_mouth: wow that does sound complicated! Here in the UK it’s always the last Sunday in March and October. If it was up to me though I’d just leave it alone :slight_smile:



Too complicated, imagine the nightmare for the IT guys… Another curiosity: there is a second exception (at least this one can be foreseen): Brazilian Carnaval date are based on Easter dates (Christian calendar), hence it floats between February and March depending on the Easter dates. If the end of daylight happens to be in the same weekend of the Carnaval it will be postponed to next weekend.

Man, it would be so simple to keep this thing fixed! Even worst: nowadays the energy saving (main reason to have daylight here) is marginal, it doesn´t worth the hassle.

However, I personally like the daylight saving time because I can enjoy daylight after work. But I am an exception, most people don´t like it because early in morning is still too dark.