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I noticed there’s a firmware update (fro28500.upd) just out for my Symo and other Fronius inverters. I’m hoping it means I can remove the ‘overnight’ patch in my Push script, since there’s possible mention in the changelog. However, I’ve yet to pluck up the courage to install it. I’m hoping some other ‘bleeding edge’ firmware enthusiast will lead the way :wink:

[EDIT] It got the better of me, so I updated to fro28500. It took about 30 minutes which seemed longer than previous updates, but it went through without any intervention on my part, reconnecting to the networks once it finished. After removing the ‘overnight’ patch from the Push script, the inverter’s daily production figure is (still) almost exactly the same as PVOutput’s - so far, so good.

Hi beaud, I am yet another new comer struggling with getting accurate figures. I am not yet a subscriber so cannot use auto=1 as yet.
However some figures are way out.

Inverter push = /service/r2/froniuspost.jsp?sid=your_sid&key=your_key&v3=None
Meter = /service/r2/froniuspost.jsp?sid=your_sid&key=your_key&v6=Voltage_AC_Phase_1&n=1
figure: SolarWeb PVOutput
Generated 7.37 7.39
Export to grid 5.58 2.97
Consumption 3.74 7.15
Import from grid 2.28 2.73

Is using auto=1 the only way to get close to accurate

Interested to see what URL stings you are now using
Fronius Primo 5

Thanks in Advance,


@samwest, I am interested in you comment about Feed-in-Point. I had an energy issue that took out my Fronius meter.

Up till then all Solarweb data was fine and I was getting correct data for teh "Return of Investment " and “Expense” graphs in Solarweb.
There was about a week without Meter reading until the new meter was replaced.

Since the day the new replacement meter was installed - most of Solarweb data appears correct, however, the ROI and Expense tables now only display savings and the data value appears incorrect - much more that it should be. Infact the savings figure are the same for both.
Could this be to do with Feed-in Point setting do you think? Wondering if you experienced the same?

Oh, I should add, I dont have the password for that part of the settings in the console so cannot see the value.



My current settings are;
Inverter = &nodayenergy=1&v3=None
Meter = v6=Voltage_AC_Phase_1&v4=PowerReal_P_Sum&auto=1

I couldn’t get it work without subscribing and using the auto function, but some other say there figures seem to match. But as I mentioned above, I still see some small discrepancies in import\export values.

I am just about to remove the nodayenergy=1 value, as I updated to fro28500 a couple of days ago and the inverter now seems to report day usage as expected.


Thanx Beau,
Yes, I also have done the update so did not bother with the nodayenergy value.

Two of my figures are well out.
Consumption, albeit this looks like it is adding the from solar and from grid together as one value, and export
Export is twice the value of the true data.

I may have to subscribe soon if I plan on going down the live path.

Thanks Mike

Hi Beau,
Just did a quick test with your settings but with &n=1 rather than auto=1 and all the figures are relatively close with exception of Consumption is still close to the addition of direct + grid consumption - not sure the impact of this value over all or if this is the correct value for that field.

Thanx again for your reply.


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@beaud, I have done some more work and testing this arvo and for now, the live view is pretty close, not perfect but data is close enough to serve its purpose.

Thanx for your help.


No Problem, Good to hear.

Make sure you also sign up for the premium trial on solarweb, as I mentioned a few posts back the trial is 20 years, pretty much free in Aus. Between the 2 I have all the data I need.


Yea, the installer was fantastic and set all that up for me on installation day. All was looking good until about 6:45 this morning and now the data has gone off target.

Consumed is almost double true value, export is like half and consumption is more than double the true reading.

Solarweb is great but PVOutput realtime gives extra realtime data when trying to identify power leaks.

From what I have read on the forums, the only way to get a truly consistant and accurate data stream is to donate and use auto=1.
Having said this - since my meter replacement Solarweb no longer show correct data under ENERGY BALANCE/Return of Investment or Expense. There was an 8 Day period where I ran without a meter before the new replacement.
Since the new replacement meter these to graphs only show and incorrect reading of the saved value which is of no value at all.
Fronius via my installer are looking into this as we speak. Support is really very good with both.
Is it like that the new meter has not been set to Feed-In do you think?

I am done with the inconsistencies of n=1 - now a Donator and auto=1. Tomorrow will be the first full day. :slight_smile:

For anyone trying to accurate data from Fronius invertor without using auto=1, good luck :smile:

Over 3 days I toiled with n=1 etc along with many others strings with only partial success. Now a donator and using auto=1 the data is accurate enough to be useful - worth the donation IMHO.

There is a few reason I persisted with PVOutput. One being I wanted as much data as possible to identify anywhere I am bleeding power. Solarweb is excellent but does not give me the real time data I want and not the running tally tables.
Its a pretty common theme in view of n=1 against auto=1 and IMHO I have to agree with others auto=1 is the only way to go.
As an example, I have had a source drawing current on an intermittent cycle over night. Turns out that the Daiken Invertor systems have a heater element in the sump to keep the oil above a certain temp with the purpose of keeping the coolant gas out of the oil as this can be explosive. Problem solved

After reading these n=1 vs auto=1 opinions, and since my PVOutput has been working nicely (previous FW/overnight issue aside) and pretty much agreeing with Solarweb’s data, I figured my Push script must have included the recommended auto=1. But it doesn’t - it’s using n=1.

I subsequently edited it to auto=1, saved the change and waited a few minutes to check the results in PVOutput. Oddly PVO failed to show any consumption data at all from that point on. I switched back to n=1 and PVO went back to normal, filling in the missing consumption data.

So for me, at least, auto=1 isn’t the way to go, but I would like to know why?

[It’s a 3 phase Symo 10]

That is really interesting Wilburight. Are you pushing from an Inverter and meter. I expect you maybe as my understanding is auto=1 is a meter only setting.

Also I was just about to post this in a new thread. But for interest will also comment here. In the Edit System settings under Advanced settings.
You can set Net Method to Average or Instantaneous. I was told by someone that for Fronius Primo systems it is better to set as Instantaneous.

You’ll need to wait till the next day for the auto=1 to take affect since it takes the start of day energy import/export data.

Enabling this in the middle of the day can have unexpected results for the rest of the day since there is already data there.

The n=1/auto=1 is in the Meter script only. Also have Instantaneous set for the Net Method.

I’ll give it a go then before bed and see what the new day brings.


[EDIT] OK, working fine now. Added auto=1 (at midnight to avoid influencing the previous day’s data) and consumption now showing OK on this attempt.

Checking my figures this morning on day three (I think) of auto=1 all look really good. the worst drift is no more than 300w

Very valuable data as we are moving to Tassie from West Qld this yr and allows me to do comparisons on generation.

Bottom line so far is I will need a 9Kw system to get similar cooler month results around what we get out west here. Bonus for summer months is considerable more generation on fine days but in view of more cloud as a rule is more of an average closer to our 5.4 Kw sys here.
Having said that, I will be installing a battery with the Tassie system also.

[quote=“Wilburight, post:119, topic:31”]
OK, working fine now. Added auto=1 (at midnight to avoid influencing the previous day’s data) and consumption now showing OK on this attempt.[/quote]
It worked fine until a possible Fronius server fault began disconnecting me from Solarweb at intervals over the last couple of days - especially yesterday. Being unsure it was the server’s fault (Push to PVO worked fine throughout, but red ‘Internet’ LED on), I did numerous resets of everything at my end - Datalogger, modem, browser, computer, inverter.

However, late yesterday it stayed connected, only now consumption wasn’t being pushed and no matter what I reset it failed to reappear. Since this showed the same symptoms as my first failed auto=1 attempt, I swapped back to n=1 and the consumption returned.

In the past n=1 was giving me fairly accurate results (+/- 100Wh) so I think I’ll leave it alone for now especially since there’s no Fronius Helpdesk to call re any issues at their end - just glad to get the connection stabilised.

I have recently installed a system and trying to get the push info working.

My current push settings are;

I have donated also, so that shouldnt be my issue and I also have the smartmeter installed

I am not getting any informtion on Energy Generated or Power Generated

The settings are fine, but there does not appear to be anything sent to PVOutput for the inverter.

You can try sending to instead of PVOutput to troubleshoot the problem.

I have two inverters… have been monitoring total consumption and generation with upload from a Smappee. All working well.

one of the inverters is a Fronius Primo and I’ve set up a new PVOutput system to monitor its performance. Fairly sure I have the push settings right… I’m a donator and have auto=1. The generation looks fine… and the interval consumption figures are mostly what I’d expect. The 24 hour total consumption also looks right or very close to right.

But I get a zero consumption figure at 0005 - just after midnight every night. And also get zero consumption (or much lower than what I know is baseline consumption) a number of times through the day (during solar production hours).

I’m a bit lost with all of the settings… despite having had a read through the help section a few times. Grateful for any advice.