Fronius Push Settings - Average or Instantaneous?

In the search for the Holy Grail of push accuracy I am very close, acceptably close but have one more question and seek advise from those of the experienced nature :slight_smile:

There is a setting under Edit System / Advanced settings in the field Net Method. Average or Instantaneous

I have read some threads of successful implementation that suggest the best for the Fronius Primo / meter is Instantaneous of which I am using with pretty good results.
I am interested as to what is the best setting to use when using the auto=1 flag

Fronius Primo 5.1 Inverter with Meter
Latest firmware update
push every 5 mins

Inverter = &v3=None
Meter = v6=Voltage_AC_Phase_1&v4=PowerReal_P_Sum&auto=1

Open to recommendations



The auto=1 flag uses the import/export energy to calculate the power. This means power will always be an average value.

The Net Method setting has no effect with auto=1, since net power is not uploaded directly as per the n=1 setting.

Thanks bankstownbloke - clears that up. Since I have changed to auto=1 the readers have been close enough to be usable and at times spot on.
In all honesty, the generation reading is often closer to true than on Solarweb. I have ben comparing directly against the datalogger and it is spot on. I feel maybe some of the formula processes Solarweb is giving me are a little off. I do not know if this is at Solarweb end or my end. Far to said I cannot be certain until my other issue is resolved as mentioned earlier in my thread.
Thanks for your advise - becoming a Donator and using the auto option is pretty easy and works well. I am also benefiting from the alert options available.

The following post explains the values / calculation used behind auto=1, there is some calculation but all raw values are coming from Fronius -

Thank You bankstownbloke