Fronius Inverter + Smart Meter & 2nd inverter

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I’ve tried researching this and am getting lost in the threads as most don’t have “fixed summary” at end, so apologise if upfront if this is already explained.

I’m pushing from Fronius 6kw inverter and smart meter as follows

SolarAPI V1 - CurrentData Inverter


Solar API v1 Meter


My challenge is I have a second inverter producing 1.6kw hence my “feed-in to the grid” or ”power to grid” on sunny days is above 6.5kw yet my “Power” doesn’t show above 6kw.

What do I need to change my push strings to show the real “feed-in to the grid” values.

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Have a look at a Data Aggregation setup -

Add two new systems B and C

  • Child System A (6kW + Consumption)
  • Child System B (1.6kW)
  • Parent System C (7.6kW)
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I have this same problem but the website owner wont fix this issue.

It works on solar web but not on pvoutput.

The issue is the parent system needs to add the solar production from the child system b, to show true power usage.

Say I am using 20,000 watts of power

Child System A, is making 5000 watts of power (comes with meter)
Child System B, is making 5000 watts of power (does not come with meter)

The Parent system, shows I am producing 10000 of power, but my usage is 15000 watts (Not 20 like it is susposed to be)

The issue is the meter is showing the load less the 5000 watts of child system b

In order for PVoutput to fix this they need to put a way for us to add the solar production of system b to the usage column on the parent.

This enhancement is being tracked in the following idea thread - Fronius Push - Custom Direction